Finding the Pot of Gold, at the End of the Rainbow

I posted this on Facebook last week and this is my testimony. The Flamingo Hut is one way to share the joy that I have in my life because of my past. I plan on creating more information and resources on this site to those who need help or know of someone who does. The most important thing that a person can do that needs help is to ASK!!! Do not be afraid and know that asking for help is the BRAVEST and BEST thing you can ever do for yourself. There are so many people that you may not realize in your same situation. There IS NO SHAME in being imperfect!!! May God bless you!

On August 29th, 2015, I entered treatment for alcoholism. My life changed forever for the better . While I have always been a Christian and believer, I did not realize God’s power, Grace, and love! I didn’t have that intimate relationship that I have with him today. I was broken, scared, and just beat down from childhood bullying and being an overweight teenager that resulted in low LOW self-esteem. I was very blessed to ask for help early, but I was astonished at how fast my problem was spiraling out of control. I would lye awake at night looking at my sleeping family and how very blessed I was, and I knew that I was about to lose it all. It wasn’t easy, but I had to ADMIT and surrender myself, and give my problem to God. For HE is the greatest healer, and if you ask, he will answer. I found a treatment center randomly, it was the first one that popped up, in Delray Beach, Florida. The thought of being that far from home from my children and husband terrified me, but I knew what the outcome would be if I didn't take action. I left treatment 26 days later after meeting some incredible people, sadly some that have since passed away from their addiction. You see the treatment center told us that out of 30 given people, only two statistically would recover. I made up my mind without a shadow of a doubt I would be one of the two. When I returned home, I found a wonderful AA group, a wonderful sponsor and got to work allowing God to heal me. 5 1/2 years later here I am. I’m not afraid to admit my mistakes anymore because I am such a better person because of this. Most importantly, I now have that personal relationship with God! Now, it is my mission to help those in need and give back for being so blessed to be sober, happy, and finally love myself. Sometimes you may see me acting crazy and having fun, and I am because I know what TRUE happiness. I am a transparent lady and not ashamed of my spunkiness and playfulness at times. For I know that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of me, as long as I’m doing the right thing, and serving my Heavenly Father. I’ve never shared a testimony on social media but I read one today from a special girl I know who wasn’t afraid and she inspired me!!! If YOU need help , do not be afraid to ask for help !! On this National Margarita day, I can hold up my VIRGIN one, and thank God for all his blessings, my loving family for standing by me, and the joy to know how good life is and that there is always HOPE!


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