I Can, I Will, I Am.....

To say I am a blessed woman, is quite an understatement. I have a wonderful husband, three awesome children, several TRUE friends, and a wonderful relationship with our Heavenly Father. I don't have the perfect life, I know I have MANY character defects, and sometimes I can get myself so worked up about something SO unimportant that it will send me into a tailspin and the rage takes over. We all have our faults because we are imperfect humans here on Earth.

The blessing I want to focus on today is that I have the most wonderful parents on Earth. I have SUCH wonderful memories from my childhood! My parents did everything they possibly could do to provide us not only with Christian values, but also the power of believing in yourself which was VERY hard for me. My mom and dad are superstars to me! My mom was a dancing teacher that touched the heart of SO many kids, and my dad is now the longest serving employee at Tri County Tech AND a phenomenal photographer and artist.

Both of my parents life changed dramatically on April Fools day in the late 1970's. My father suffered a massive heart attack at the tender age of 27. He survived and then developed a terrible infection and was hospitalized for a very long time. Their concerns weren't on themselves, but on their little two year old (me) that was being doted on and spoiled by her wonderful grandparents. My parents learned early on just how things can change in an instant, and that we are never promised tomorrow.

Many years later, my dad had to undergo a quadruple bypass, but he never gave up and always shined with his positive attitude. He LIVED to teach his girls to always focus on the positive, to always believe in yourself, and to always know you can accomplish ANYTHING if you just believe you can.

Six months before my wedding, we had another scare in our lives. Those of you that know my mother, know that she is without a doubt, one of the most devout Clemson fans you will ever meet. Besides her family and her faith, she enjoys nothing more than watching her Clemson Tigers in ALL sports. At the Clemson vs. USC game in 2000, the game was down to the wire. This was the game with the infamous push-off call with Rod Gardner, and Clemson was about to kick the game winning 25 yard field goal completed by Aaron Hunt that gave Clemson a 16-14 win. My mother was so excited that she collapsed; it was terrifying! The ambulance was forced to drive out of a tremendous crowd with us racing behind. That night my mom was shocked two times and this led to a diagnosis that ended up saving her life. She had a hole in her heart since birth that would have eventually led to her death. By the Grace of God, and those Clemson Tigers, sixth months later my mom was at my wedding, and you would have never known she'd just undergone open heart surgery.

My parents positivity and refusal to ever give up has led to many blessings in my family's lives. I try my hardest to instill these values that I was so blessed to be taught in my own children. It is so important to go for your dreams, and while you are working towards them, remember Butch Merritt's infamous advice I CAN, I WILL, and I Am....I am so grateful to my mom and dad (Amyse and Elladaddy,) for showing me not only love, but how to live life to the fullest!!

Pura Vida and Love, Kayci


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