Living Life Pura Vida with The Flamingo Hut

Welcome to The Flamingo Hut where we live our lives Pura Vida. Just saying Pura Vida and seeing the hand signal takes me to a place where the blue water sparkles like diamonds, and it’s crystal clear. The sand is powder to my toes and the warm breeze of the palm trees fill the air. The worries of life are gone. There is no schedules, cleaning, carpools, or whining. This is MY Pura Vida, but yours may be anything your heart desires.

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John Michael Arthur describes Pura Vida as this:

“If there were only one Spanish phrase to learn before coming to Costa Rica, it would be pura vida, because you can use it in almost any situation. It is used as a greeting and as a farewell; you can use it for “I’m doing well” or “Everything’s cool”; you can use it for “Oh well!” or “That’s life!” It also can be used for “You’re welcome” or “No worries”–or just about any exclamation like “That’s great!”Pura vida does translate literally as “pure life.” But like most literal translations, that isn’t actually the best or most accurate English explanation, as you can see from the above examples. Growing up in the South there was a similar use of the word “pure.” It was common to hear your grandmother say something like: “That’s just but pure bull!” The idea was that it was “nothing but” bull.I think the most accurate, equivalent translation of pura vida is: Nothing But Life.”

John Michael Arthur describes Pura Vida as this:

As you can see, YOU can interpret Pura Vida however you decide. It’s not a word to me, it’s how I choose to live my life now. Happy, free from anxiety, worries, and frustrations. I like to stay present in the moment and appreciate all the many blessings God has given me. I need not worry about the future because I can not control what is going to happen. In fact, I can not control ANYTHING , but I can control my feelings, my happiness, and how I react to the burdens that occur. I can choose to cry, moan and groan, stomp, my feet, OR I can remember “This too shall pass.” Easier said than done right? I, by no means, live in Pura Vida all the time; I’m human and screw up multiple times throughout the day, but when I do, I now can forgive myself and let it go. Getting here took me over 40 years, and I’ve told my dad who found Pura Vida long ago, that at least I found it. It’s been a WILD and CRAZY ride to get to Pura Vida, but now that I have found it, I will never let it go. This is my family’s journey of living our best life Pura Vida. We will be sharing stories of joy, adventures, chaos, and some sorrow and our hope is that YOU can find the way to Pura Vida.


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