Mary, Mary....Why ya buggin?

Remember that great song by RUN DMC? Well, that's what my personal trainer Mary does....makes me run which I DETEST!!! In all seriousness, I have THE BEST personal trainer, Mary Reames. We work so well together because while I talk and try to get her off topic and to forget that I'm supposed to be exercising, she keeps me on track! I have NEVER been one to exercise. Exercise to be was carrying shopping bags to cars, luggage to vacations, and beach chairs and supplies to the beach. My oldest son runs cross country and track. This motivated my husband to begin to work out and he started running as well. That's where I came to the conclusion; if Russell is going to get in shape, then so am I. I wanted to regain those muscles that I used to have, and I also knew what good it would be for my health because my family has a history of heart disease. I'm not one to do things alone and knew if I was going to do this, I had to be held accountable. That's where Mary came in. We were already friends, so it was a perfect fit! I absolutely love my workouts with Mary. She pushes me to go further than I feel I can, and yes, sometimes she even makes me run. I am so glad that I have that outlet of exercise to release stress, make my body stronger, and spend time with a great friend!!


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