My Endless Laundry

There's an eighties song that I oh so love called "My Endless Love." The first line goes something like this, "My love, there's only you in my life, the only thing that's right." Well, I'm changing it because this is what I feel day after day, and it has the ability to take me to a level of rage that is not healthy. "My laundry, there's only you in my life, the only thing I fright." How many of you can feel me? It does not matter HOW many loads I've completed there's still at least three more. For those of you that can complete your laundry on the weekends, PLEASE send me your magic! My children must change clothes at least 4 times a day, and they wear school uniforms. I do all of their laundry (I know I shouldn't), and all I ask is that they put it away. One child places the neatly folded laundry in piles around the room so it creates a maze, another one kind of just puts it wherever they feel the notion, and one creates a virtual tornado. I don't like to even enter that one room. When I do, I'm always amazed at the F5. There is always a buffet full of food and drinks, not a drawer to be found is closed, usually no sheets are on the bed, the smell is a cross between a football field and fast food restaurant, and all the clean clothes are mixed and thrown in piles covering the floor. Last week as a Valentine's Day present, I cleaned their rooms. They looked so nice, clean, and inviting. Today, as I did my morning cleaning, I was a little worried at what I may find, as I hadn't really been in the boys' rooms all weekend. Let me just say that we had another F5 hit again. I started to get that overwhelming feeling of anxiety, the anger began enveloping me, and I felt helpless. I began loading up the clothes and the food and hauled it downstairs. I know I should have made them do this so please no lectures. As I reached the bottom and set it down, my phone dinged to my bible app, and I read a great story and verse. I decided to post the verse and as the comments came in, my heart became warmed at how many people that I care about needed that little boost including myself. It's SO easy to be overwhelmed in this world....from the little things like laundry, to the really big problems. I just need to remember that when I do get overwhelmed, I can take a deep breath and know this too shall pass, and my heavenly Father is always there holding my hand! May you all have a blessed day! Love, Kayci

The image of the laundry basket filled with food is from the bedrooms.


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