Myrtle Beach Girl

My entire life I have lived for travel and adventures. My best friend and I named ourselves, The Great Adventurers, when we were teenagers, and we still live by this mantra. In fact, we recently inducted her daughter who just turned 16, into our exclusive group.

Growing up, my family had our annual three trips with little variation

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (Arcadian Dunes).

2. The Pink Palace, our lake place in Hartwell, Georgia,

3. Clemson Bowl Games.

The most important place to begin this adventure is the Grand Strand. I will ALWAYS be a Myrtle Beach heart belongs there. I grew up on the Grand Strand in many different ways all throughout my life. I hold so many memories of this place that it would take years to share. There are a lot of haters of Myrtle Beach, and I admit, it’s not the place it was when I was a child. I think it all went to hell in a handbag when they plowed down the Pavilion. As I LOVE to say every time I pass the vacant lot, “They RUINED this beach.” Funny side note... I am actually friends with one of the owners of the corporation in charge of the demolition now, and they are GREAT people! I still love to visit The Grand Strand, and every time I get there, my heart takes me straight back to my childhood, teen and college years, and all the happiness, love, tears, and adventures that took place within the 60 miles of pure bliss known as the Grand Strand.


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