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Happy 2021 and Welcome to The Flamingo Hut. We hope to bring rays of sunshine and rainbows into your life and help you find happiness!

The Flamingo Hut began one summer day as I sat on my back porch. I was SO irritated because I had a dream for that porch when we moved into our house eight years ago. I envisioned a screened in porch surrounding the fireplace. Plush furniture and a huge television over the mantle of the chimney with the pool in the background. Visions of watching ball games and having parties danced around my head. As I sat there that June morning two summers ago, all I had were 3 mismatched adirondack chairs, a wooden table, and a lot of dirt. I decided to take matters into my own hands, so with a huge yell I blurted out, “flamingo crew to the hut.” No one came. I went inside and yelled it again, and this time my three darling children trudged downstairs to see what crazy idea I had now. I am the queen of crazy ideas. They swirl around in my head so fast and sometimes I act to quickly on them and get myself in a jam...impulsivity. This time, however, it was a good idea.

I explained to my kids that we were going to make the porch an oasis of peace at minimal cost. We loaded up in the car and headed to Ace Hardware, a place I LOVE to visit. Seeing my friends George, Benny, and all the others always brings me such happiness. There is nothing like a good hometown hardware store and Lugoff has one and I love it. I told my friends what I was attempting to accomplish and got my materials….paint and paint brushes. I already had a sander. I had never used a sander before but found it quite therapeutic. As I sanded those chairs down, it was like I was sanding away the scruff of myself. I was pretty proud to be doing this manual labor because I’m not one to use machinery but am open to it now because of this experience. Once I had the chairs sanded, it was time to paint. I was so excited! I chose pink, yellow, and orange….bright colors that represent my bright personality and state of mind. While my flamingo crew swam in the pool, I painted and watched and felt so proud and at peace. When the chairs were ready, I threw in three cheap rugs and a table. We already had two hammocks so up they went.

Finally, it was finished. My flamingo hut doesn’t have fancy furniture and rugs, but it does have labor and hard work. It took me out of my comfort zone and gave me self confidence in myself. It makes me proud that I actually turned something around! Now, whenever I have a chore for my kids, I yell, “flamingo crew to the hut.” Thank you for the experience that brought this girl a dose of self confidence!


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