When God Comes Knocking, You Better Start Rocking

Growing up in a Christian family, I spent lots of time in church and Sunday school, was blessed to marry a husband of wonderful faith, and when we became parents, we knew how important it was to raise our children in a Christian home. I grew up Presbyterian (actually half Pres and half Southern Baptist); I went to church all the time with my devout, Southern Baptist grandparents and to home church with my family and other set of grandparents which was Presbyterian. I thought I had a pretty good grasp on my religion but had to admit, I knew I didn't really know much about the Bible, had never dug deep, and to be quite honest, never paid as much attention as I should while at church.

If you haven't read about my battle with alcoholism, please take the time to read this testimony because that was when God came knocking on my heart, and I TRULY HEARD him! I have a dear, dear friend that was a huge part of my journey in recovery, and I remember her telling me that God talked to her all the time. I just didn't quite grasp that. She said she had actual conversations with Him (God) and again, I was befuddled; what on EARTH had I gotten myself in to?

My recovery began, and of course I thought, I would magically be fine in a month or so. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!! In my opinion, every single one of us holds the power to hear God, to see his work, it is ALL around us, to feel that gentle nudge to maybe pick up the phone and call a dear friend. Guys, THIS is my higher power who I call Jesus and God speaking to me. This is where my recovery, but I consider it more of a rebuilding of my soul!! It is the most powerful and beautiful feeling you can imagine. This change in me didn't happen overnight. I was actually almost two years sober before I got to this point; it began when I could HEAR HIM, FEEL his power, and SEE his beauty that is everywhere but so easy for people to overlook.

He ALWAYS has the answer you are seeking, the answer to the decisions you have to make in life, and the BIG stuff...he's got your back. The hard part is learning HOW to listen or find the answers you are seeking. I have written some tips that I personally used and hope they may help you or somone you know in need. First, PRAY! There is SO much power in prayer 2. Do not expect immediate results; many times this is when God is hard at work in your life preparing you for the plan he has that is perfect for you 3. Know that it is okay to be frustrated and do things that are wrong. We are imperfect humans but we are also FORGIVEN, all we have to do is ask. 4. BELIEVE in yourself and your vision. It takes twenty-one days for a thought to become embedded in our brains. If we are constantly focusing on the negative, that is what we will attract. However, if we are focused on the GOOD, and we are trying to be the best person we can be despite all our flaws, the good will come pouring in. Sometimes WE think we know what is best for us in our lives. We think we know what the perfect job is for us, who the perfect spouse is, or where we should live and go to school. If that doesn't come to pass, guess what...God's knocking....let him IN, and let HIM guide you because if you do that, you will always land exactly where you are meant to be. The results may not be shown immediately, and sometimes things may even get worse before they are better, but keep on rocking and rolling! You are sure to be a super star in God's eyes and hopefully, in your own. Much love & Pura Vida,



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